Monday, June 9, 2008

A Video presentation of the letter I sent to the President about his name in a Bible Code

You can read the contents of the letter here:

Here is a video presentation of the letter I sent to the President of the United States:

Friday, May 30, 2008

About CodeBreaker.exe

Hello World,

I am the author of the software titled "CodeBreaker". I created this blog to:
  1. help answer any questions about how to use the CodeBreaker software,
  2. provide a place to receive feedback from CodeBreaker users regarding the software,
  3. provide a forum for CodeBreaker users to publish their findings,
  4. discuss Bible Codes in general,
  5. and last, to share with you a brief history about myself and why I created CodeBreaker.


First, my name is Paul Rivera; I am husband to a wonderful woman, father to 4 children, and we have a fifth one on the way (which I'm praying is a boy, we already have 3 girls).

I've been a nerd pretty much all of my life, did exceptionally well in school, especially in math, which served me well as a software engineer. I started developing software as early as 13 years old (I'm now 38); starting off with a Commodore 64.

One of the many duties I had as a programmer was to reverse engineer OTHER programmers' code, which led to my becoming a master code cracker. Eventually, encrypting and decrypting "codes" and "keys" became a normal part of every day life.

In early 2006, I had an idea: I could protect people from Identity Theft by creating a new type of credit card; one that uses encryption to change the card number each time the card holder uses it in a transaction. I formed a company, Vaultid LLC, convinced a few friends and family to invest, and applied for a patent. We're still hoping and waiting for a break through.

In late 2006, some of the methods I used for encrypting credit card numbers, seemed to fit the same methods that Bible Code proponents say God encoded the bible with. Note, I had NEVER believed in Bible Codes. Well, belief or no belief, I set out to create a program that would take all the words in the bible, strip it of spaces and punctuation, and look for "secret" phrases. I DID NOT EXPECT TO ACTUALLY FIND ANYTHING !

The Gorge Bush Matrix

Lo and behold, without looking for it, I stumbled upon something. At first, I had no idea what it was I stumbled upon, but with time, I found more and more, until sometime in 2007, I realized what I found. I became obsessed with the code, it seemed too perfect, too real, so I questioned it's authenticity, and looked for weaknesses. The more I looked, the more valid the code became, as I continued to find new attributes testifying to it's authenticity. Today, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this truly is a code, designed/authored by the same being responsible for the bible. Hence, I decided to share it with the world.

Basically, God sent this code as a final sign, to wake us up and to let us know we have reached the end of this age.